Spiritual Foundation

We have a daily video announcement studio which encompasses the use of student anchors, producers, and directors.

Christian leaders from our community visit our school chapels and encourage your students.

Girls and boys alike are able to participate in our basketball program.

Some children are really sports minded and we encourage them to use their gifts at our school.

We do have specific admission requirements for children of all ages, and they are listed on our website.

If you have problems with math word problems, you can study them and practice them with our online math videos.

When your child is enrolled in dramatic arts, it will teach him to explore the way he thinks.

You can sharpen your math skills by watching videos and participating in math exercises.

Participating in one of our sports, like baseball, can be an exciting adventure for your child.

By having our speech classes connected to our drama department, we can really emphasize self confidence to students.

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