Spiritual Foundation

Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families.

If your student learns better with one on one help, then our video math training may be just what she needs.

When it comes to evaluating algebraic expressions or powers and exponents, you can learn all about them in our online tutoring lessons.

Students in both Middle School and High School are offered the opportunity to attend leadership retreats.

If you are interested in online math tutoring with live assistance, you will need to have Skype on your computer to communicate with the teacher.

Whether you have a Mac or Windows operating system, you will be able to view the online math video series.

Some people find analytic trigonometry easy, while others need tutoring to help them.

Getting into college is easier if your high school math scores are high.

As a part of our curriculum, we teach the students to be kind and considerate to one another.

When you want a school with teachers that are supportive, nurturing, and encouraging, come to us.

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