Spiritual Christian Education

Unless you call and ask, you may not know that you may be eligible for financial aid.

Since our society today is involving technology in many places, we are integrating technology into our curriculum.

Some people are better at English or chemistry than they are at math and equations.

You can study any time you want, day or night when you use our online math video website.

If you want to know how to do calculus, check out the videos that explain it.

For students who need help solving systems of linear equations graphically, request that video and study it as much as you need.

Respect for teachers, parents, and all adults is taught throughout the day in all of our Christian schools.

We are experienced with years of teaching math and tutoring in person and online.

Recently a donation of a mobile laptop cart was made to the school and it is available for teachers to use in their classes.

The teachers on our staff are genuinely interested in your child and his academic accomplishments.

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