Biblical Education

Getting into college is easier if your high school math scores are high.

You can be assured that our school is fully accredited to give your child a great education.

Students in grades K3 through 2nd grade made Christmas ornaments and then presented them to assisted living residents.

We seek to equip your children both biblically and academically so they will be a benefit to our world.

Some children are really sports minded and we encourage them to use their gifts at our school.

For the best selection of free math tutorials, check our online videos.

At our school, teamwork can be taught through sports like volleyball and basketball.

Because we have a limited enrollment space, you will want to enroll early for our early learning program.

Students have an opportunity to learn video editing when they help with our in-house news program.

You can learn about arc length, area of a sector and linear speed and angular speed when you study with us.

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