Bible Based Education

If you need private math tutoring, we can do it via Skype right in your home.

Since our society today is involving technology in many places, we are integrating technology into our curriculum.

In our world today, technology is rapidly impacting every area of life.

Anyone with a computer can study math using our online math videos.

Your girls can learn the skills of cheerleading and getting along with others through the program we offer.

All of the video math lessons on our site are free to use, just let us know which one you want to review.

Participating in one of our sports, like baseball, can be an exciting adventure for your child.

You will find both a fine arts program and a great athletics program in our schools.

When you need a refresher in algebra math, turn to our online videos for guidance.

We offer a great athletic program that will help with character building in students of all ages.

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